Alive and In Step. .

Galatians 5:25 Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit (NIV). Walking is good for me. It’s good for body and soul; a clear mind, ears that hear the smallest bird that sings and legs that strengthen as I increase the distance. Wildlife hides from me. Though often seen… Continue reading Alive and In Step. .


Remembering … They appeared just before the service began.  He carried a small pillow under his arm.   I always wondered why.  Together they sat in the front pew, listening attentively.  One Sunday, as the service ended, Mary’s husband stood to leave.  The pillow he had carried under his arm now lay on the church pew… Continue reading MY LASTING IMPRESSION OF MARY

A Holiday Of Love

Holiday Of Love As published in the Houghton Lake Resorter Newspaper1963Mary Anne Whitchurch Tuck“Musings Of A Homemaker” February is the month of sweethearts and historical birthdays. Gifts and cards of caring are abundantly given and received.Red is the color of this holiday of love, representing the warmth and caring which doesn’t end with the passing… Continue reading A Holiday Of Love

One More Package Of Memories

Christmas Memories 1963 (As printed in the Houghton Lake Resorter Weekly Newspaper- MUSINGS OF A HOMEMAKER) The pine tree stands in the corner, colorful but lonely. Gaily wrapped gifts beneath its branches have disappeared.  The sweet smell of pine is no longer in the air. Shiny bicycles and curly haired dolls have gone from view.… Continue reading One More Package Of Memories